At Hilti, we’ve been building the future with our customers since Martin Hilti started the company over 70 years ago. But in today’s developed world, it’s not enough to merely play a supporting role. We believe that by working together we can build a better future for everyone. This is why we need your help.

‘Base builds’ is just one of 46 projects launched by the Hilti Foundation. But it's especially relevant to you because it was all started by a former Hilti employee, Corinna Salzer, who was writing her master’s thesis on bamboo technology. Corinna had a vision of creating affordable housing for those living in Asia and the Pacific regions who are exposed to natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.

Bamboo can be found all over the Philippines. It’s freely available and grows incredibly fast. This makes it an ideal sustainable building material for a country with the highest number of slum dwellers worldwide. The main challenge, however, is that the local people have never been taught the proper construction techniques that would allow them to build safe homes that take advantage of this plant’s incredible natural properties.

Bamboo has a greater tensile strength than steel and it withstands compression better than concrete. It’s this combination of strength and flexibility that makes bamboo a perfect structural support for houses that must withstand the pressures generated by a typhoon.

The Hilti Foundation’s guiding principles hold that we offer help for self-help. The Base project has researched and developed new building techniques, using the renewable resource of bamboo, and then taught them to the local people of the Philippines. The project has also been a great job creator for local people in Manila. As of December 2016, we helped to build 225 homes, with many more under construction. For most the beneficiaries these houses represent their first legal address. This feeling of being a homeowner brings people both dignity and pride. Moreover, it helps them to be recognized within society.

At Hilti, we believe that supporting and investing in your ambition is crucial. We are therefore motivated to provide you with access to the best training, the best people and, even more importantly, the freedom and flexibility to grow. Let’s build the future.

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